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Long- Arm Quilting

"We Love Lucey!"

Lucey, the Long- Arm Quilting Machine, that is! 

Bring us your pieced quilt top and we will quilt it for you on our APQS long- arm quilting machine. "Lucey" can accommodate a quilt up to 14 feet wide, and has laser pantograph capability with computerized stitch- regulation. "Lucey" is NOT a fully programmable computerized machine, and is operated solely by hand, by experienced personnel. "Time" cannot be rented on "Lucey" for personal use. See below for fee schedule.
Our current turn- around time on long- arm quilting is:

approximately 3 months

Long- arm Quilting Fee Schedule

All quilting charges are per square inch

Free- hand Allover Design (meandering)                                                                                        1.5 cent/sq"

Pattern Quilting                                                                                                                      2 cents/sq"

Custom Quilting
Block and Border Designs                                                                                               2.25 cents/sq"
Block, Border and Sashing                                                                        2.5 cents/sq"
Custom Designed Patterns                                                                                                  3 cents/sq"

Whole Cloth Quilting (outline of a design)                                                                               4 cents/sq"

Binding (square or rectangular quilt with 90 degree corners)*:
Construction and attachment                                                                                              $1.00/ foot
Hand Hemming                                                                                                                    $2.00/ foot
Machine Hemming     $1.00/ foot
*Additional charges apply for curved, scalloped or pointed edges, or for quilts with non-traditional corners.

Batting (prices subject to change without notice):
100% Cotton                                                                         96" wide $11/yard, 120" wide $15/yard
50/50 Bamboo Blend                                                               45" wide $7/ yard, 96" wide $15/ yard
80/20 Cotton/ Poly Blend                                                    96" wide $11/ yard, 120" wide $15/ yard
80/20 Cotton/ Poly Blend BLACK                                                                       96" wide $12/ yard

Backing Construction                                                                                                                    $2/ seam

How to Determine the Size of Your Quilt

1.  Measure across the center of your quilt top from side to side. Note the number of inches.

2.  Measure across the center of your quilt top from top to bottom. Note the number of inches

3. Multiply he first number in inches by the second number in inches. This is the square-inch measurement of your quilt top.

4. Multiply the square- inch measurement by the number of cents per square inch. This is the estimated cost of the quilting ONLY.

EXAMPLE:  A quilt measuring 70 inches by 90 inches . . .

70 X 90 = 6300 square inches
to be quilted in a meandering design (1 cent [.01] per square inch)
6300 X .01 = $63.00

An Example showing a custom quilting design in the blocks and borders . . .

70 X 90 = 6300 square inches
with the cost per square inch at 1.65 cents/ sq"
6300 X .0165 = $103.95

How to Prepare Your Quilt for Long- Arm Quilting

1. Make sure your quilt top is square. This means four corners with 90 degree angles and the same measurement along the center, top and bottom side-to-side, and the same measurement along the center, left side and right side top-to-bottom.

2. Stay- stitch around the outside edges of the quilt top. DO NOT "HEM".

3. Remove long strings from the front and back of the top.

4. Press the top well before delivering for quilting.

5. Backing and batting should be at least 6" and no more than 8" larger than the top.

6. DO NOT "hem" the backing.

7. Backing, like the top, must be square; ie, 90 degree angles at all four corners with straight sides, top and bottom.
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